Embrace with your heart what mind cannot understand

Greetings from planet Earth.

I once heard Mooji say "truth is simple, but the seeker is complex".

I enjoy this phrase, I can relate to it.

"Me" was super lost for decades, unaware of the difference between "being myself" and the person I assumed myself to be.

Spirituality and daily living have to be practical

"Me" was depressed, busy, frustrated and exhausted...

Where did it go? It was never real, it is only imagined.

Now I am here, increasingly aware of the me-chanism of suffering;

nothing impressive, just simple daily living with less distraction, less resistance to what seems to be.

Life as art...

In case you are interested in peace of mind in daily living...

to clarify, to improve your productivity, to celebrate with 'other' like-hearted human beings:

Just say hello (-; Holger@unprocessable.com




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